damonAs your local Edmonton and Leduc orthodontics practice, we believe that you should feel confident in your smile while undergoing orthodontic treatment. As such, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options to meet your needs.

The Damon® System offers many great benefits for patients, from improved appearance to faster treatment times and more. Keep reading and learn why this orthodontic treatment option might be right for you.

About The Damon® System

The Damon® System relies on a self-ligation technique that uses lighter wires and lower-friction brackets to move teeth. Due to its innovative sliding mechanism, strong mechanical base bonding, and solid walls structured to control tooth movement, the Damon® System results in extremely efficient, faster treatment times.

Damon® System Benefits

In addition to the speed of treatment times, the braces utilized under the Damon® System hold the following benefits:

  • They are tieless, meaning that people won’t notice you’re wearing braces.

  • The brackets are stain resistant, so discoloration is less likely.

  • Damon braces don’t need to be tightened, making them more comfortable.

  • It is easier to maintain good oral hygiene because Damon braces are simpler to clean.

  • On average, Damon braces require fewer visits to our Edmonton or Leduc office.

Get Started with The Damon® System Now!

We understand that every patient has different needs and preferences. This is why our Edmonton and Leduc practice offers a range of premier orthodontic treatments, including braces, Invisalign, the Damon® System, and more. If you’re interested in improving your smile and finding a unique solution that’ll bring multiple benefits along the way, contact our Edmonton or Leduc office today! Our state-of-the-art treatments combined with the skill of our experienced orthodontists is sure to make you smile brighter!