What Sets Us Apart

At Smile Worx Orthodontics, Dr. Crichton and our team are committed to providing professional, gentle care that creates excellent oral health and beautiful smiles for our patients. We believe in offering tailored treatment plans that work with an individual's unique clinical needs; we know that in orthodontia, each patient has a different oral structure that requires a specific treatment approach.

Parents bring their children to us because they know we are compassionate, highly principled, and we excel at what we do. We're also great at connecting with our patients, engaging with them from the first visit, and encouraging them to be active participants in their orthodontic care.

The office is warm and inviting, offering a fun atmosphere. You will see lots of smiles and hear a lot of laughter, too, from our staff and our patients. We're passionate about orthodontics, but we also have fun with our patients and are always trading jokes and sharing stories.

Because orthodontic changes happen over several years, we are offered the opportunity to truly get to know our patients and their families. We develop relationships and look forward to visits as a chance to catch up on the lives of people we care about. Watching our younger patients grow up, and seeing their personalities emerge as they gain self-confidence, is an amazingly rewarding experience. We love being a part of that process.

Orthodontic care is not just for children and adolescents, of course. We see and care for adults and seniors as well. We believe that everyone deserves the life-changing transformation that a beautiful smile brings about and that no one is ever too old to have straight teeth, an excellent bite, and an incredible smile that brightens the world.

As a patient-focused practice, we strive to make everything work for you. That means we offer early morning, evening and Saturday appointments, and emergency care, should something happen outside our regular office hours. We also have flexible payment options, which means orthodontia is affordable for any budget.

Smile Worx Orthodontics is easily accessible and offers plenty of parking. Please call for more information and to schedule an appointment for your child or yourself. Dr. Crichton and our team look forward to welcoming you into our orthodontic family and starting you on the path to a new, amazing smile that you'll love sharing with the world!

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